Individual Benefits

Azurance helps find the right level of supplemental insurance coverage to safeguard your quality of life.
Your hopes and dreams deserve protection, and that's why we're here.

Protection for all of life's ups and downs

Our top-of-the-line products protect your financial wellbeing when, not if, the unexpected occurs. But at Azurance, we go further by offering service with a human side. That means protection, guidance, and compassion long after you sign up for a plan.

We’re in your corner for every step, always working to keep you protected and on your way to reaching your goals. No matter where you are in life, we’re here to ease the journey.


We only recommend products that fit your needs, not sales goals.


We treat you like a neighbor, not a number.


We listen and understand your needs, offering everything you need in one place.

Maybe you’re here to get protection beyond your primary health plan. Perhaps you’re looking for a safety net in case of accidents, hospital stays, critical illness, travel disruptions or so many other unforeseen events. Our comprehensive approach means you can get everything you need right here.


Dental work can be expensive and quickly eat through your budget. Get a safety net to protect the oral health.


Most health plans only cover eye accidents or diseases. Get a plan to share other eye care costs.


Accidents happen. Receive cash benefits for unexpected medical expenses that could bring additional costs.

Critical Illness

Cancer, heart attack or other illnesses can call for procedures not covered by standard health plan. 

Hospital Recovery

Surprise hospital stays can lead to large unplanned bills. Get coverage for up to 30 days of inpatient care per year.

Travel Insurance

Travel is exciting. Play it safe and extend your health insurance to cover more than 180 countries.

Identity Theft Protection

Don't be the victim of fraud. Get a plan that protects your credit cards, investments and online purchases.

Wellness Access Card Discount Plan

Unlimited access to virtual health care visits and discounts on medical and dental services and products.