Boost your benefits, not your budget

Attracting and retaining top talent requires robust benefits, but that doesn't have to mean added expense to the organization. See how you can offer extra financial security through supplemental benefits.

Employer paid vs. employer sponsored – what's the difference?

You can choose to contribute to the cost of supplemental benefits, or not. Either way, we'll help you develop a package that meets employee needs and aligns to your organization's bottom line.

With employer sponsored benefits, there's no cost to your organization. Instead, you give employees the opportunity to insure themselves at group rates by purchasing them through the workplace.

With employer paid benefits, you contribute to a portion or all of the premium payments.

How to create a cost-effective, holistic benefits package

Develop base benefits
(health, paid vacation, etc.)

Look at what employees want, what competitors offer and what your budget allows.

Enhance your offering with supplemental benefits

Offer financial protection for unforeseen circumstances with low- or no-cost products – life disability, dental and vision, and more. 

Get creative with non-traditional benefits

Employees value cultural benefits, opportunities to advance, clear connection between their work and your mission, and flexibility.  

We'll help you shape a holistic benefits package

Our consultative approach to sales and service means we become an extension of your organization to define an attractive benefits package and service it for years to come.

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