Offer more benefits. Keep your bottom line.

Extend your benefits plan and contribute as much or as little as your budget allows.

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Offer employee benefits like dental, vision, travel and more.

We partner with A-rated insurance carriers to offer you the best supplemental insurance products from a single point of contact and support. Customize a package for your employees with coverage for everything from accidents to critical illness to travel. 

Employer paid or employer sponsored?

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Employer Paid

Employer paid benefits are those where you contribute to some or all of the premium costs.

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Employer Sponsored

Employer sponsored benefits offer your employees a group rate with no cost to your organization.

Build a holistic benefits package. We'll help.

Our approach means we become an extension of your organization to define an attractive benefits package and service it for years to come.

We collaborate with you to:

  • Develop base benefits – Get help finding health coverage or paid vacation that fits your employees, your market and your budget.
  • Enhance with supplemental benefits – Offer ancillary coverage. Things like dental, vision, life, disability or even travel insurance.
  • Get creative with non-traditional benefits – Cultural perks that focus on well-being or community can make a big difference.
  • Bundle coverage and save – Simplify administration and get added savings by pairing our products with BCBSND medical, dental and vision. 

Offer a top-quality employee health plan.

Learn more about North Dakota's preferred group health coverage, available from our trusted partner.