Think of us as an extension of your organization

If you had the time and the right expertise on staff, your organization could put together a plan that boosts your employee benefits package without breaking your budget. That’s where we come in.

Not only do we bring a full range of top-tier insurance products and decades of expertise, clients also appreciate our collaborative spirit, business acumen and ongoing service.

Our consultative approach to your benefits package

Define the benefits offering

Do you need to add a single supplement to your benefits package or are you starting from scratch? Based on your goals, we’ll help you design the mix of products you need to keep your employees protected – at little, or no, cost to you.

Bring us onto your team

The expert guidance doesn’t stop at the sale. After the contract is signed, our next phase of work begins. Your Azurance team can wear many hats in your organization – HR assistants, employee educators, safety officers, claims assistants and service reps.

Analyze and adjust

Because we’re committed to the financial health of your organization and its employees, we’ll continue to guide you as though we were on your payroll. Each year we’ll help review your offering and adjust to protect both your employees and your bottom line.