Protection for your smile and moreĀ 

A trip to the dentist does more than keep your smile bright. It provides a window into your overall health. A small investment in dental coverage helps protect the oral health of you and your family.

Who should consider it?

If dental insurance isn't offered through your employer, you may want to get your own policy. Dental care is expensive and a good plan can reduce the cost of having a healthy mouth.

* National Association of Dental PlansĀ 

Key Benefits

  • Preventative services are covered at 100%. This includes exams, X-rays and three cleanings per year
  • In addition to low monthly premiums, the Spirit Network plan can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs for dental work
  • Coverage is valid for children, adults and seniors and can even include orthodontia

Additional features

  • No waiting periods
  • Choose your own dentist
  • Levels of coverage up to $5,000
  • Lifetime deductible
  • Implant coverage
  • Enroll and pay online

What's required

Spirit offers guaranteed acceptance. A primary policy holder must be 18 years of age. Spouses or domestic partners and unmarried children up to age 26 are also eligible.

Get covered and start grinning

You're only a few steps away from getting the dental insurance that's perfect for you.