Complement your health insurance with accident, critical illness and hospital recovery insurance

Injuries or unexpected illnesses cause enough stress. This coverage can help pay for travel costs, living expenses and more, when you're unable to work.

Let us worry about finances so you can focus on recovery.

Who should consider it?

This complementary insurance is for every family and individual that would miss an absent paycheck or be burdened with extra expenses that accompany an accident or illness. The money is yours to use to keep your life running  while you're recovering.

This coverage is commonly purchased by: 

  • Families with kids in sports
  • Pregnant families
  • People with an active lifestyle (hikers, skiiers, etc.)
  • Anyone vulnerable for an illness or chronic condition
  • Those with physically demanding jobs 
  • Anyone with others depending one their monthly income

Already a customer? How to file a claim

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  • Get cash for medical expenses
  • Choose benefit amounts from $2,500 up to $15,000 for individuals or $25,000 for families
  • Extend your medical plan to cover transportation, meals, child care and more
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Critical Illness

  • Avoid financial crisis in the event of stroke, heart attack, cancer and other major illnesses
  • Select benefit amounts from $5,000 to $50,000
  • Each dependent child is automatically covered with a $2,500 Benefit Amount — at no additional cost
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Hospital Recovery

  • Covers up to 35 days of inpatient care per year
  • Get benefit amounts from $100 to $900 per day
  • Policy is guaranteed renewable for life

Let's take the weight off your shoulders

Enroll and extend coverage beyond your medical plan.