Even a short-term illness or disability can cripple employee finances

If your employees are like most Americans, they have little to fall back on if injury or illness prohibits them from working. Disability insurance can pay regular benefits to help keep bills covered, so employees can focus on getting better and back to work.

Options available at no cost to your organization

You may want to contribute to employee premiums, or not. Either way, we'll connect you with short-term disability coverage that fills the need and fits the budget.

Trusted partners for short-term disability insurance plans

Key Benefits

  • Pays weekly benefit amount up to 70% for non-occupational injury, illness and maternity leave
  • Pays partial benefits after the employee returns to work part-time
  • Benefits available for employee only
  • Benefits paid directly to the employee
  • Coverage may be portable
  • Some exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Additional Features

  • Guaranteed issue – employees cannot be turned down for coverage
  • Rehabilitation and return-to-work incentives
  • Survivor benefits
  • FICA match for employer