An HRA is a great way for you and your employees to save on health care costs

A health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is not health insurance, rather it's a monthly tax-free allowance offered to employees to help pay for out-of-pocket or non-covered health care expenses. Funds can be used for health insurance premiums and other health care services used by those enrolled. 

Partners in providing health reimbursement arrangements

HRAs offer a tax advantage:

  • Employer contributions are tax-free and lower your organizations taxable income
  • Employee reimbursements are tax-free

Employers are in complete control:

  • You determine contribution amounts and what medical expenses the account can be used for
  • Your organization retains unused funds, allowing you to roll them into another year
  • employees have a financial incentive to control and manage their health care spending

Easy for employees and employers:

  • Simplified enrollment and communication materials
  • Both you and your employees can manage benefits online, 24/7
  • Electronic reporting
  • Easy payroll import

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