Individual Accident, Critical Illness,
and Hospital Recovery Insurance

Azurance Group offers LifeSecure supplemental insurance plans to help you navigate life's twists with cash benefits to cover unexpected expenses that occur when you are sick, injured or disabled. The money can be used for anything you choose; out-of-pocket medical expenses and deductibles, to help offset a loss of income, or help with everyday living expenses such as rent, mortgage, car payment or groceries. It's your money, your decision.

Coverages Available

  • Accident – Help protect your hard-earned dollars with a Personal Accident plan
  • Critical Illness – Supplement your medical coverage and help protect your family and finances when cancer or a heart attack happens
  • Hospital Recovery – Once you leave the hospital you should not have to worry about financial setbacks.

Product Features:

  • Accident
    • Annual bank amount from $2500 -- $15,000 individual. $25,000 family
    • On January 1 the Annual Benefit Bank will restore itself
    • Checks sent direct to you
    • $100 annual deductible. Once your medical expenses exceed $100 benefits you will receive cash benefits for the remaining expenses
    • Currently not available in North Dakota
  • Critical Illness
    • Benefit amount between $5000 and $50,000 in $5000 increments
    • Coverage for the whole family (spouse or partner benefit must equal the applicants)
    • Checks sent direct to you
    • $50 health screening benefit per calendar year for each covered person. (one time 30-day benefit wait period after policy is effective)
  • Hospital Recovery
    • Daily benefit amount between $100 and $900 in $10 increments to create your Annual Benefit Bank
    • Checks are sent direct to you for each day you or a family member are confined to a hospital as an inpatient up to 30 days per calendar year
    • On January 1 each year the Annual Benefit Bank will replenish to its full amount


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